Why You Need to Get a Silicone Bong

We’re all well aware of the vast number of glass markets that are currently on sale today. And truth be told most of them are brilliant, boasting some incredible, classy designs now. However, there is one area where all glass bongs come up way short: durability. That’s the problem with glass – it doesn’t matter how high quality it is or what design it is, if you drop it or are too heavy-handed with it, it’s going to break, putting you back to square one – that’s  why if you’re looking for an indestructible bong and durability, you need to think outside of the box. You need to consider investing in a silicone bong.

But is there a catch? No, absolutely none at all. Despite what you may think, silicone bong are powerful pieces of equipment in their own right and, with a bit of practice, you’ll be enjoying those same, whopping great hits that you’ve been getting for all that time with a glass bong – only now, you can take that bong with you everywhere. Made out of strong silicone, these unbreakable bongs are great for any situation. You can either stuff them in your pocket or pack them down into your bag, without having to worry about ripping the material. Your bong will be ready to go every time you want to use it.

In fact, there are actually plenty of usage advantages that a silicone bong boasts over a glass bong. Since the silicone is flexible, you’re able to create a type of vacuum inside of the bong, which is vital in making it so much easier to pull those trickier bowls. With a silicone water pipe bong like the Roll Uh Bowl, you get awesome portability along with better efficiency, allowing you to maximize your marijuana to the fullest. Even better, while the bong itself is made of silicone, the downstem and bowl pieces are still made out of glass – and these are the important bits. This is the section which is going to contribute to a great flavor, so having that small bit of glass ensures you’re toking premium tasting smoke every time you go to use your Roll Uh Bowl.

It Really is Indestructible

You may be asking, just how indestructible is this silicone bong – surely it’ll break if you try hard enough? Well, we put this unbreakable bong through its paces, dropping it out of windows, crushing it under sofas and more, and it didn’t do a thing. Every time we filled up the bowl and began a smoke session, we were greeted with that same phenomenal reliability and quality that we’ve become accustomed to.

Look, we know that most of you are really careful, and there’s a fair chance that you’ve never damaged any of your glass equipment in your life, but none of us are infallible and there’s always a chance that accidents could happen. Wouldn’t it be much nicer if you had a bong that you didn’t have to worry about keeping safe and sound, a bong that you could just leave lying around while you chilled out and enjoyed your high? If that strikes as something you would like, then a silicone bong like the Roll Uh Bowl is definitely for you.

Perhaps you go travelling a lot – you can’t take a glass bong with you in your luggage without risking it breaking. Or maybe you’re a hiker, or revel in any outdoor activity for that matter. But, in short, wherever you go, your silicone bong will be able to come with you.

Enough about the excellent portability of a strong silicone bong, let’s take a closer look at their practicality. The Roll-Uh-Bowl comes with a great little suction cup that you can stick to a table, or any flat, hard surface for that matter once you’ve finished using it. Thanks to this mechanism, you’re guaranteed of a risk-free smoke, with no danger of all of that filthy bong water leaking out and causing a mess. The silicone material has far more grip than glass too, so even in wet conditions, you aren’t going to be at risk of dropping it – and it fits lovely in the hand.

Designs and More Perks

Silicone bongs boast loads of attractive designs and patterns, so you’ll be able to search one out that’s tailor made for you. That’s one thing with glass, while there are many immaculate designs, they do have a tendency to look a little boring. Roll Uh Bowl bongs are sure to leave you looking cool and funky while hitting on your bong.

These indestructible bongs are lightweight too, another perk if you wish to take them about, and they’re easy to clean too – which is rather important if you want to use yours on the go. Obviously, once you’ve used it, your silicone bong will be dirty, so to prevent dirty water from leaking in your bag or pocket, just rinse water through it, and turn it inside out to get to the tricky bits before giving it a dry. This’ll only take a few seconds to a minute, no time at all given how painstaking it can be to clean out a glass bong – you won’t have to go soaking your Roll Uh Bowl in alcohol or a cleaning agent for hours.

Another bonus about the Roll Uh Bowl is it’s not one-size-fits-all. What we mean by this is that you can make customizations, such as having your own personalized downstem or an ash catcher if you’d like one. There are also a few different bowl pieces that are compatible with the Roll Uh Bowl. This silicone bong also boasts a slight angle to level out the additional weight on one side caused from the downstem and bowl piece.

There’s a lot to be impressed about with the Roll Uh Bowl silicone bong. No longer do you have to settle for an inferior smoke while you’re on the go. Now there’s an option that’s durable, classy and most importantly of all, great tasting too. Go and pick out yours today!